Political objectives

  1. Eliminating the caste, religion, racism, language based deviations and criticism within society and politics.
  2. Common Education to everyone without fees.
  3. 3. Medical assist partially (Min 60%) by government fund to everyone.
  4. 100% computerized civilization system.
  5. Cashless transaction.
  6. Forestry combined agriculture.
  7. Eliminating the fossil fuel transport 10%.
  8. Air transport at low cost between every cities to any people.
  9. Dam less water storage and supply system.
  10. Nation owned internet and gps security system
  11. Agriculture without chemicals
  12. One language for one orld network (English)
  13. Permanent security for food, home and basic need for people.
  14. No plastic
  15. Flora and fauna combined civilization
  16. Restoring nature yields by eliminating hybrid and genetic modified products in veg and non veg foods.
  17. Restoring traditional foods and habitats.
  18. Law system modification, development and establishment to get justice maximum 6 months time period for anyone.
  19. Environment support based architect and landscapes.
  20. People owned industries and investments in all government projects.
  21. Fulfilling nation needs without import.
  22. Eliminating corruption and mediators through combine all departments.
  23. Advance job securities
  24. Tourism expanding through historical, flora & fauna and oceans.
  25. New drainage system to create a multi source for human purpose.
  26. Restoring survived species to create a new bio life cycle on earth
  27. Eliminating the nuclear bombs and allied products from world nations.
  28. Common or joint humanitarian force to restore the nationwide peace.
  29. Controlling or allowing maximum profit upto 40% on all medicines from manufacturing cost.
  30. 100% payless life saving medicines.
  31. ….will be updated