Legal Information

I am DEEPAK S/o. Mr. M. Thangavel. I have Registered this company 23/OCT/2011. Since that i has paid a taxes, filled an Income Tax, Maintained required documents and licenses for all of my businesses. But Due to India Governments both STATE and CENTRAL government, Police Department, Judicial Department and Political i am trapped, these departments are working under an international criminal circumstance. They used me to receive a black money 60 MILLION U.S DOLLARS from through their powers( Have to check if legal department gets any honest in future). So I have lost all of properties, my family members also murdered along with my pets, Company online documents, Google Drive and backups also vanished too. Now my GST License [ GST: 33AKTPD0684J1ZY ] also deactivated through illegal process (But I receive the direction letter to reactivate my GST but due to political criminals blackmails tax department not allowing me).

I lost all of my identity separated from my mother ( No place to stay too ), So i am living in travelling in Train and Bus. From my Relatives to friends are threaten by criminals, police and political power, so they are just turning from me or stands against me why not instead of hearing my voice simply they are advising me to stop seek justice and life too (Fuck). I know very well someone assert their political power to derail my position just for money from Supreme Court to least end. People know who I am and I know what destiny i have for people.

I have faith on good will, one day it win over all evils. My Flag will be everywhere not only in Businesses even in Political. I am struggling but surviving, soon i will revert back.

Now this Indian Government and political criminals processing to erase my memories through multiple way because upto now a days their traps for change me as criminal is failing continuously.

I have a backups in 7 places for my legal process. But i lost trust on Nation India.

Our Legal Files and proofs for Crimes against me approx 100+ documents are available for download, you can be find these documents from given statements as bold and blue color fonts. May be some images contain with semi nude of mine because that the proof i held for given infections and tortures. (Documents will be updated day by day based on my financial and surrounding situation. Because i have to survive initially to update these documents its not easy like cinema)

  • I was arrested illegally dated on 03/January/2016 Because i had finished up GREENBLOOD Black Tea -product dated on 03/January/2011. Police arrested me like an wanted criminal at early morning approx 6:00 AM dated on 03/January/2013, through walk, police took me half way to police station harass me and degrade my family name. I have registered RTI to know about the petition because police arrested me without petitioner (Mr. Anvar Hussain) but with petitioner (Mr. Anvar Hussain) signature . In this date petitioner actually went to foreign country. Instead of petitioner there was 3 persons ( 3rd party in this case ) 1. Mr. Sabeer Hussain, 2. Mr. Ismail, 3. Mr. Sabeer Hussain stand against me and forced me to return 25,00,000.00 /- in INR with Police Inspector and my relatives support.
  • High Court CRP dated on 05/January/2016. (Registrar of Madras High Court – Madurai Bench Gave a reply for my RTI at year 2018 as RTI Act cannot be applicable to know case status.)

My Head Office was vanished and vacated at 16/April/2016. But Now i received a fake certificates in my company worth 60 Million U.S Dollar valued certificate with Tax receipt, project completion certificate as a QATAR Petroleum ‘A’ Contractor from August/2016. Purely this was extraordinary plan to implement me in crime & scandalous or someone white shirt must be used my company as a medium to receive black money through cheating. But without Banks, government workers, Justice department and police department cannot be. Yes crimes and anti nationalist are everywhere in This Nation India.

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DEEPAK S/O Mr. M. THANGAVEL – Founder / Bonsai Artist